Basic Kettlebell Training

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This is a comprehensive kettlebell program for beginners, you will learn the mobility drills and resets to become flexible and pain free in your movement by creating space.The 5 basic kb exercises explained and showed in an extraordinary vivid way. After one month you are ready for more. You can do it, anyone can do it, you will know exactly …

Brain Octane™ Oil (473ml)

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18x Stronger Than Coconut Oil – For Maximum Cognitive Function!


Increased Brainpower
Reduces Brain Fog
Fast Energy
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1 bottle of Brain Octane™ Oil (16 fluid oz)

Bulletproof XCT Oil – (473ml)

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Fast Energy – 6x Stronger than Coconut Oil

Efficient Energy
Easy to Add to Any Diet
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1 bottle of XCT Oil (16 fluid oz)