We are independent researchers, critical thinkers, role models, active players of life and we guide people to take full responsibility for their own health and fitness in an effective and smart way.

We inspire and teach people to be open-minded, passionate, enthusiastic and proactive about a healthy, balanced and highly vital lifestyle.


We offer one-on-one and distance coaching.
We make coaching smart, simple and effective by working with easy steps to get the best results. The intention is to overcome obstacles hindering your growth in the best possible way. You will achieve your goals and you will stay in control to go to the next level. During the process you are able to consistently improve your skills because you will rise to the level of mastery in your area guided and inspired by us.

Break Through Training

The power rollercoaster team training to break through your barriers of FEAR and to use your emotional and focused energy in a compelling way to reach your outcome, beyond what you think is possible.
Immediate results claiming back your real resources of power and becoming more successful, happy and free in your business and daily activities.
See the video below for a taste of our Break Through Training.

Bio Hack – Optimum Health Seminars

The latest science-based technology upgrade tools to skyrocket your health.
Get rid of your mediocre state of health and treat yourself with a boost of the latest bio and mental hacks.
You will learn simple do’s and don’ts  you can easily implement in your daily life to become more vital and healthy. We will show you how to get there in a smart, safe and fast way.

Break Through Training
House of Talents Kickoff

For the Belgian organization House of Talents we delivered a Break Through.

Create also an unforgettable day for your employees or team members that will empower them, create stronger bonds and team spirit and so improve effectiveness.