About Iwan

Iwan_MarckmannMy mind and body approach is based on 25 years of experience, my degrees,  fields of interest and hunger for growth.
I was very lucky to enjoy the training of the best on their field like  Sean Adam, Dr Schulz, Anton Jayasuriya, Tad James, Anthony Robbins, Tom Silver, Richard Bandler, Byron Katie, Jerry Valley, Pavel Tsatsouline, Roy Martina, KC Johnson and many others.
People say that my training and coaching methods in kettle bell, hypnosis, exercise therapy, acupuncture, spinal adjustments, fire walking, speed reading/memory, top coach and bootcamp training are top of the bill and have a lasting effect. I aim at showing you infinite possibilities of living your life and I will help you bring out the best in you.

I see it as my mission to help you to reach your full potential. During my long years of practice I learned to observe and spot patterns and I love to help the people I work with. By now I must have offered different kinds of therapy to over 20.00 clients and trained more than 25.000 people during all kinds of seminars.

My curiosity and love of connecting abstract science with concrete pragmatism drive my research about the functioning of the brain and I’m happy to share this knowledge with my clients and help them live a great life.

“Keep it simple and stimulating for your brain”.

“When you have fun you learn eleven times faster”.

“Walk your talk and never, never give up”.